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Sunreef Yachts gladly joined the fundraising campaign to renovate the headquarters of the Holistic hospice and care centre “eMOCJA” – an exceptional initiative that will provide comprehensive care for people at the most difficult time in life: after the loss of a loved one or finding out about an incurable disease.

Last Friday, July 17, the headquarters of “eMOCJA” was officially opened in Gdansk, Poland. Representatives of the companies involved in the hospice renovation were invited to the event, as well as representatives of local authorities, including the President of Gdansk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz.

Sunreef Yachts received official acknowledgement from the management of “eMOCJA” for supporting the initiative since the beginning and helping to raise funds for the renovation of the hospice.

In order for the facility to function properly, large financial resources are still needed, so we encourage everyone to make donations that will help operate the “eMOCJA”:

Transfer reference: eMOCja Center X Sunreef

account details (international transfers): BIC /SWIFT/ – WBKPPLPP IBAN PL33109010980000000124282268

For more information, feel free to visit the association’s YouTube channel or Facebook profile.

Opening of the Holistic hospice and care centre "eMOCJA" in Gdansk, Poland,Opening of the Holistic hospice and care centre "eMOCJA" in Gdansk, Poland
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