A world leader in designing and manufacturing luxury catamarans and multihull superyachts, Sunreef Yachts constantly pushes the boundaries of multihull design with innovative ideas and avant-gardist technology. Solutions introduced by the shipyard have revolutionized the art of multihull manufacturing. Sustainable innovation is at the very core of the Sunreef Yachts philosophy.


The world’s first luxury catamaran with a flybridge

With the launch of the world’s first luxury oceangoing catamaran with a flybridge in 2003, Sunreef Yachts started a new era in the history of catamarans and sparked a change in multihull design all over the world. The Sunreef 74 Che was a trailblazing novelty that has challenged the status quo in the catamaran industry.


The world’s first double deck power catamaran

Launched in 2008, the world’s first double deck catamaran, the 70 Sunreef Power Jambo has set new standards for multihull motoryachts, offering a universal blend of unrivalled comfort and trans-pacific range. The yacht’s concept originated from the shipyard’s close collaboration with the expert navigator Laurent Bourgnon.


The world’s first double deck sailing catamaran

In 2010 Sunreef Yachts launched the world’s first double deck sail catamaran: the Sunreef 102 Ipharra. The luxury 102-footer achieved outstanding living space thanks to an avant-gardist superstructure. This multihull superyacht remains up till today one of the largest cruising catamarans in the world.


The world’s biggest sloop-rigged catamaran

Created to sail the oceans in superior comfort and safety, the Sunreef 114 Che was launched as the world’s biggest sloop-rigged catamaran. Delivered in 2010, the multihull superyacht boasts a streamlined superstructure and sleek hulls for a perfect combination of high performance and supreme comfort.


The world’s first carbon catamaran-superyacht

Launched in 2013 the Sunreef 80 Carbon Line Levante was the world’s first carbon catamaran-superyacht. Constructed of an advanced composite sandwich combining vinylester, PVC foam and carbon/glass fiber, with a carbon mast and boom, the yacht provides high performance while offering generous accommodation and vast alfresco relaxation areas.


The world’s first folding mast on a catamaran-superyacht

Sunreef Yachts was the world’s first shipyard to install a folding mast on a catamaran-superyacht. In order to lower the air draft of the craft, the shipyard’s team has engineered and installed a carbon fiber mast folding forward in its middle section at a 90 degree angle.


The Sunreef Supreme range

In 2015, Sunreef Yachts unveiled a range of sailing and power catamarans with extreme living space and innovative design solutions. Created to become the world’s most comfortable lifestyle-oriented catamarans, the Sunreef Yachts Supreme crafts introduced superyacht features to multihull design.


An aft garage combined with a hydraulic platform

An innovative aft garage combined with a hydraulic platform was introduced to Sunreef Yachts’ new power range of catamarans, which includes models such as the 60 Sunreef Power, 70 Sunreef Power, 80 Sunreef Power and 100 Sunreef Power. A new solution in the multihull motoryacht world, this combination of an aft platform and garage has unlocked a new potential for stowing tenders, jet-skis and water toys on board. Opening new possibilities for lounging, the hydraulic platform can also be levelled with the aft skirts to create a full-beam beach club.

Sustainable Innovations

A composite-integrated solar power system

Designed and manufactured by the shipyard, Sunreef Yachts’ groundbreaking solar power system relies on composite-integrated solar panels. An industry first, the system allows to maximize solar power generation with photovoltaic cells being fully integrated with composite elements of the solar catamaran such as the hulls, superstructure or mast. Flexible, efficient and ultra-durable, Sunreef Yachts’ solar power system is the industry’s lightest photovoltaic solution and has received the prestigious UIM Environmental Award.

The Industry’s Lightest Batteries

The Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans are equipped with custom-engineered marine battery banks. With a density below 5,2 kg per kWh, Sunreef Yachts Eco batteries are close to 30% lighter than the systems commonly used in the yachting world. They can be recharged in various voltage ranges across the world.

Gas-Based Air Conditioning

Sunreef Yachts catamarans are the only yachts to use an energy-saving, gas-based air conditioning system. The system operates throughout the night on batteries and consumes 70% less energy than most systems in the yachting industry. It also provides for top humidity control in tropical areas.

Green composite

Basalt and flax-based green composites are used in the manufacturing process of Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans. They can be used in the production of hulls, superstructures and yacht furniture. With the recent developments, Sunreef Yachts is now able to fully integrate solar panels with bio-sourced composites.

With revolutionary innovations that we introduced to the yachting world and constantly evolving visionary ideas we push the boundaries of multihull design and shape the future of yachting.