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The construction of zero-emission electric propulsion yachts is the aim of today’s quest for more responsible energy generation sources.

Each year, as yachting grows more environmentally-friendly, crafts powered by energy from the elements, such as the sun, water and wind, are grabbing the attention of the industry’s top leaders. Driven to minimize our impact to nature, Sunreef Yachts is implementing solutions that reduce generator use and cut down on CO2 emissions produced by diesel engines. One step our company is taking to achieve this purpose is through the installation of high-powered electric propulsion systems on our eco-friendly catamarans.

Electric propulsion not only is a green choice for a conscious cruising experience but also brings more freedom, peace of mind and luxury on board. Thanks to an innovative propulsion system, eco-friendly catamarans combine fuel savings, low maintenance and ultra-silent navigation, offering the best in autonomy and performance.

Eco-friendly propulsion is not only accomplished through the use of electric engines, but also by harnessing power under sail. Relying on wind while sailing is the most natural way to think about yachting. This is an essential source of propulsion and precious support when it comes to motor yacht propulsion. For even more performance, Sunreef Yachts Eco power catamarans can be fitted with high-performance kites – an extremely powerful support for leisure crafts and container ships.

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