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As traveling and going to restaurants have become a rare treat, we decided to cook something especially for you. Welcome to MARINADE!

MARINADE is a new video series mixing cooking and yachting, brought to you by Sunreef Yachts. In each episode we focus on a different charter destination and prepare a dish inspired by the local cuisine.

With years of experience and unique skills, one of Europe’s top chefs Tomasz Koprowski hops on board Sunreef Yachts catamarans and prepares 5 completely new culinary creations.

Today MARINADE takes you to Portugal to get a taste of this amazing country, blessed with an ideal coastline, exquisite cuisine and some of the world’s finest wines. Portugal’s natural and cultural treasures make it a favorite destination for the luxury charter yacht – Sunreef 60 Feel The Blue. This exclusive catamaran offers a unique journey through Portugal’s most beautiful places and flavors.

Chef Tomasz is going to prepare a dish inspired with the rich Portuguese cuisine: cod loin with olive tapenade and orange sauce. If you feel inspired, prepare this dish yourself at home using the recipe below!