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Get ready cook your way through another top yacht charter destination with MARINADE! This time, Sunreef Yachts and superstar chef Tomasz Koprowski set course to the South Pacific and take you on a culinary cruise to French Polynesia. 

Sculpted by sky-piercing green peaks and lined with vivid turquoise lagoons, French Polynesia is a place to experience tropical climate, slow life and laid-back island culture. Located in the South Pacific, a group of 118 paradisiac, Polynesian islands provide an ideal getaway for luxury yacht travel on board Sunreef 74 Orion. With this remarkable charter catamaran, guests enjoy the best of Tahiti’s heavenly scenery and authentic local cuisine.

Are you ready to taste a slice of paradise? Today, chef Tomasz is serving pan-seared tuna with herbs, pineapple salsa, passionfruit sauce, prawns and coconut rice. Feeling inspired? Try this dish at home with the recipe below:

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