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Sunreef Yachts in-house design studio proves to be limitless in interior design ideas following client’s suggestions and implementations towards the projects. The company is proud to present two classical yet very stylish interior designs propositions prepared especially for the Clients from the new markets that Sunreef is now increasingly exploring.

Created especially for the Chinese Clients, this original oriental design is now proposed as an example of the company capabilities for customized interior design. Asian design influences contemporary interiors with Zen spaces for relaxation, feng shui furniture arrangements, Asian-style bedding, lacquered boxes or silk Chinoiserie wallpaper.

On the other hand the interior designers at Sunreef Yachts took a step into the Middle East. Very rich in gold, glamour and brightness, inspired by oriental palaces, it is a true interior design master piece. The extended relaxation area is full of cushions, sofas and poufs with oriental ornaments on the walls and ceiling. The master bathroom inspired by a treasury is made in every single detail again proving the amazing capabilities of the Sunreef’s design office.

These designs are just a base to further exploration of these two inspiring regions as China and the Middle East. The company is open for Client’s suggestions to push the design even further.

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