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Imagine being able to cruise without impacting on natural environment, running your yacht relying on renewables. Nowadays, this is quite feasible, thanks to advanced green solutions allowing for electric propulsion on boats.

Responding to the growing demand for ecological crafts, electric yachts have come to be one of the nautical industry’s most dynamic trends. With green technologies on the rise, shipyards across the globe are more eager to introduce alternatives to conventional combustion engines. Electric engines benefit both for the environment and yacht owners.

Electric yachts are capable of substantially reducing fossil fuel use. Crafts equipped with electric propulsion allow for a silent, vibration and fume-free navigation. Fossil-fuel-free boats rely on energy from the elements, like sun and wind. The energy is harnessed from the elements thanks to a combination of solar panels and wind generators and stored in the boat’s electric batteries. An electric yacht is also saving a lot of money, by reducing costs of diesel and maintenance expenses.

One of the industry’s most vital challenges is to start replacing diesel engines with equivalent electric motors, which provide complete energy autonomy and rely only on renewable energy resources.

The future of sustainable cruising: electric yachts,The future of sustainable cruising: electric yachts,The future of sustainable cruising: electric yachts
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