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The 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO is a rare example of a luxury medium-sized power yacht (60-80 feet) with extremely high fuel efficiency, trans-Pacific range and top speeds reaching 20+ knots. This exceptional yacht was conceived by Sunreef Yachts with the help and advice from Laurent Bourgnon, a famous sailor with a wealth of experience in catamaran regattas. His expertise has been invaluable in the design of the first Sunreef power yacht. All other semi-custom yachts from the Sunreef power line have maintained the same hydrodynamic and performance-oriented line of the 70 footer.

The yacht is currently cruising around Raiatea, French Polynesia, where the Bourgnon family has been settled for a while and enjoys the relaxed local lifestyle.

The fuel consumption was originally 13 litres/ hour/ engine at 10 knots at 2,300 RPM. Following structural and technical modifications made by Sunreef Yachts (installation of water bulbs of 5.5m, and additional aft swimming platforms, increasing the JAMBO’s LOA to 85feet) and other companies (remapping of the engines for optimal use, and new sustainable and smooth antifouling), these numbers have been significantly reduced. The consumption now is 7.5 litres/ hour/ engine at 10 knots at 1,500 RPM, or 15 litres /hour!

“Thanks to the remapping of the engines, they now generate 420HP (instead of the original 370HP each), increasing the maximum speed to 22 knots. To cruise at a top speed of 22 knots, JAMBO needs 160 litres/ hour for both engines at 3,400 RPM, which is a very good result,” confirms Laurent Bourgnon.


Distance: 8,500 nautical miles

Time: 1,000 hours (with several stopovers along the way)

Total fuel consumption: 15,000 litres, or 1,000 hours x 15 litres per hour at 10 knots

(Lower consumption on the Atlantic Ocean due to good currents; higher consumption in the Patagonian channels with opposing currents, strong wind and speed reaching 15 knots to reach safe harbour for the night)

Consumption per mile: 15,000 litres divided by 8,474 miles = 1.77 litres per hour

Range at 10 knots with 20,000 litres = 11,300 nautical miles

Budget : 15,000 litres at 0,50 Euros: 7,500 Euros

To continue from Puerto Montt to Raiatea, JAMBO needed only 5,000 litres of the total 20,000 litres of its reserves.

A perfectionist to the last, Laurent is still working on improving JAMBO’s performance and fuel efficiency. He is now working on new propellers, which are far more efficient that the original ones. Another remapping of the engines is also planned. The proposed changes will further increase the top speed, and bring an additional 20% improvement in fuel consumption. All together it makes the 70 Sunreef Power the best yacht for travelling to the most remote places around the world at a reasonable cost while maintaining luxury and maximum safety.

The 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO breaks records in  fuel economy!,The 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO breaks records in  fuel economy!,The 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO breaks records in  fuel economy!,The 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO breaks records in  fuel economy!
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