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Sunreef’s twin catamarans – Blue Deer and 19th Hole are two yachts from the Sunreef 74 line that the shipyard is particularly proud of, however considering their launching took place before the summer season in the Mediterranean , one may wonder why they have been so far kept secret. Here is some long-awaited insight into the boats’ story with the remarkable twin catamarans finally premiered.

The boats’ launching was quite an exceptional event for Sunreef, as it has been the first time the company had set two catamarans afloat simultaneously. The sister catamarans didn’t stay too long in the yard’s dock as they quickly set sail to Italy to meet their respective Owners just before the start of the Med season. Both grey-hulled beauties are in fact owned by a well-known Italian family wishing to show yachting enthusiasts around the world what dolce vita is all about. In order to do so, the Owners decided to charter both units out in the Mediterranean right after their delivery and have them managed by the Sunreef Yachts Charter Team.

19th Hole and Blue Deer have been shielded from public view for quite a while mainly because their Owners put all the focus on successfully conquering the charter market. Their intention was to take all the time necessary to work on a perfect set of enticing pictures only by the end of the busy Med season to then have the yachts officially premiered.

The twins are the pure essence of Italy. Both express a genuine passion for design, luxury and fine cuisine. They may have the same layouts but are distinct in the combination of colors, fabrics and interior décor style. Each of the yachts has a different story to tell and reflects in fact a unique approach to lifestyle.

Sunreef Yachts Reveals the Twin Sunreef 74 Sailing Catamarans , Sunreef Yachts Reveals the Twin Sunreef 74 Sailing Catamarans , Sunreef Yachts Reveals the Twin Sunreef 74 Sailing Catamarans
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