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Catamarans offer several specific features that make them a perfect alternative for traditional yachts, e.g. a bigger living space (sometimes even twice as big as on a single-hull vessel), excellent stability and a very long cruising range. However, enthusiasts of motor vessels choose catamarans primarily for their high performance.

In order to meet needs and expectations of our customers, Sunreef’s naval architects team decided to develop a system of retractable hydrofoils that will enable luxurious Sunreef vessels to attain a maximum speed up to 70 knots and literally fly over the surface of water. Such a solution is the best choice for all those who want to fully exploit the potential offered by power boats.

Hydrofoils in catamarans are used to reduce drag that directly affects the speed of a vessel. A vessel fitted with hydrofoils is lifted out of the water which significantly decreases drag, consequently allowing for greater speeds. Additionally, due to excellent stability of catamarans (ensured by two independent hulls), a vessel is adequately balanced without the need to employ complicated stabilizing systems. As a result, both helmsmen and passengers are offered the ultimate comfort and safety even at considerable speeds (such a combination is not possible in case of standard single-hull vessels).

The first model fitted with hydrofoils will be the Sunreef 40 H – a 40-feet motor catamaran of an open type. A specialist in luxurious, custom-made, multi-hull vessels, the Sunreef Yachts shipyard is going to present a perfectly finished catamaran with sleek, sporty silhouette that will be the ideal choice for everyone who values perfect design and top performance.

Sunreef Yachts Presents the World First Hydrofoil System for Luxury Open Catamarans,Sunreef Yachts Presents the World First Hydrofoil System for Luxury Open Catamarans
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