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Always open to customer suggestions, Sunreef Yachts has developed a new model, the Sunreef 58 Sailing, as its big surprise for the coming year. The composite infusion moulds are ready and the first unit is scheduled for launch at the very beginning of 2011.

The Sunreef 58 is a response to the many enquiries we get from customers who appreciate Sunreef’s construction quality, customized luxury finishings and sailing performance but who want to sail in smaller and lighter boats without crew. Built in high-tech composite materials via vacuum infusion, the Sunreef 58 will be a luxury and performance yacht with comfortable sleeping for 8-9 guests accommodated in 4-5 cabins, depending on the layout chosen by the customer.

In tandem with the introduction of this new model, Sunreef has added an extra two feet to the length of its popular Sunreef 62 model to create a new model – the Sunreef 64. As a result of these changes, Sunreef now has a range of semi-customized sailing catamarans available in three sizes (58, 64 and 70 feet), depending on the customer’s sailing plans (crew/no crew, round-the-world trips, family charter, luxury charter, etc).

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