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We have the pleasure to announce that Sunreef Yachts is reinforcing the promotion of its brand in Asia with the two new boat shows on the annual list of events around the world with Sunreef as an exhibitor.

The first show will be the China International Boat Show held in Shanghai from 8 to 11 April 2010, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Sunreef will be represented by the recently appointed renowned local dealer, Speedo Marine.

The second event will be Singapore-based Boat Asia held in the marina at Keppel Bay from 15 to 18 April 2010. Prometheus Marine with Alan Pickering, exclusive dealer for South-Eastern Asia, will be in charge of representing Sunreef there.

You are most welcome to visit our stands at both venues and meet our representatives. If you wish to set an appointment in advance, please contact us at

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