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The excitement of the Euro 2012, organized jointly by Poland and Ukraine, has reached Sunreef Yachts based in Gdansk, one of the four host cities across Poland. As one of the clients comes from Germany, Francis Lapp invited him to watch live the quarter finals with Germany-Greece in Gdansk, the city in which his yacht is now being built. Accommodated in the prestigious VIP room, Francis Lapp had a chance to personally meet Mr Jerzy Buzek, ex-president of the European Parliament who finished his mandate in January 2012 and now occupies the function of Euro deputy. Mr Buzek is one of the finest Polish politicians and an awarded scientist. He has congratulated Francis Lapp for his flourishing business and encouraged him to invest further in the shipyard and expand in the region. This expansion will take place in 2013-14 with the construction of the new production halls.

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