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Sunreef Yachts conceptual designers once again proved to be the undisputed leaders of creating “custom made” units. Recently, upon customers’ requests from London and Dubai they have created two remarkable projects of a restaurant and a hotel on water.

Catamarans are widely known for their stability and enlarged living space. Thanks to widely spaced hulls and an appropriate arrangement of the load, these units are much less shaky than monohulls, therefore, inter alia, they can perfectly facilitate different functionalities compared to classic yachts. It is often said that the owners feel like at home thanks to the advantages of multihulls units. Huge living space (sometimes 2 times bigger in comparison to those in monohulls of the same length) proves it. Moreover, Sunreef`s catamarans have very luxurious custom-made finishes which means that each client may choose everything for his own needs, whether it is a charter boat, a hotel or even a restaurant. New concepts are undoubtedly a revolutionary step in the field of design and the whole yachting industry.

Floating Restaurant in Dubai

According to the concept, an innovative restaurant-catamaran will be permanently located in Dubai and will take visitors on cruises to Abu Dhabi and back. The main deck can accommodate up to 150 guests. There is a space for spacious kitchens, technical rooms and exclusive toilets for visitors in both hulls. A wheelhouse is located on the upper deck and a bar area with a mini club is in the stern on the main deck. The project’s exterior perfectly complements Islamic architecture and the wealth of the United Arab Emirates thanks to its streamlined shapes.

Water Hotel in the Heart of Camden Town in London

The plan assumes that the Water Hotel catamaran will moor on the river in famous Camden Town in London. The concept includes 8 rooms of equal size, each with a double bed, exclusive furnishings and a separate balcony. On the back of the hotel there are large windows with blinds that do not let the light inside. The fore part of the catamaran is supposed to have a front terrace and the stern – the navigation room with office space and a private toilet. According to the concept, the length of the catamaran will be 25 m 85 cm, the width – 3 m 48 cm and the height – 2 m 55 cm whereas the height of a hotel room will be 2 m 15 cm.

Catamarans for Special Functionalities - Floating Restaurant and Water Hotel by Sunreef Yachts,Catamarans for Special Functionalities - Floating Restaurant and Water Hotel by Sunreef Yachts
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