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By the very end of 2015 Sunreef Yachts launched an elegant addition to its sailing Sunreef 74 range – a well-equipped and custom finished sailing catamaran called Obsession. Yachting enthusiasts will be able to spot her from afar thanks to her dark blue hulls. Her interior is bright and simple with a modern touch. Obsession is now busy undergoing a series of sea trials before joining her Owners in the Caribbean.

The Sunreef 74 is a line of luxury sailing catamarans introduced to respond to the needs of clients looking for spaciousness, luxury interiors (over 240 m2 of the total living space) and great performance. This successful model was prized with the Asia Boating Award 2015 as the Best Worldwide Sailing Yacht Above 15m.

After the success of the WildBerry, the launch of the classic-styled Lucy Z and the recent premiere of the twin charter bestsellers Blue Deer and 19th Hole, the shipyard is now proud to add Obsession to its portfolio of individually tailored multihulls.

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