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Are you ready for another culinary adventure? This time we are going on a cruise to one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean: Sardinia. From the old coastal town of Alghero in the north, to the city of Cagliari in the south, Sardinia welcomes travelers from all over the globe to a rich mixture of amazing natural heritage, architecture and culture.

With golden beaches, dramatic volcanic scenery, delicious food and relaxed pace of life, Sardinia has always been a classic yachting destination.

The island’s natural beauty and cultural treasures can be explored in all harmony with the elements thanks to the luxury eco-catamaran Sunreef 60 E.

In this episode of Marinade we focus on Sardinian flavors and prepare veal sirloin in dry-cured ham, pecorino cheese, sage sauce and spinach polenta.

Elevate your cooking skills to the next level and try the recipe below:

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