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Get ready for another serving of breathtaking views and new culinary inspirations with the latest episode of Marinade! This time, we set course for Corsica’s stunning coastline on board the luxury charter motoryacht 80 Sunreef Power Otoctone 80. This fantastic power catamaran treats her guests to amazing charters combining cruising in Corsica’s finest yachting spots with a custom-tailored fine dining experience.

Corsica is not only famous for its dramatic cliffs, glittering bays and fabulous beaches. The island is a must-go destination for foodies, offering an outstanding variety of seafood, quality meats and olive oil ranking among the world’s best.

Marinade presents a recipe inspired with classic Corsican tastes:  mint-seasoned lamb chops with zucchini stew, chestnuts, artichoke and truffles. Try this dish at home using the recipe below:

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