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When you travel the world for a living, partnering with the top five star hotels and luxury travel brands as you make a positive difference in the world, it’s hard to be impressed. Yet, as Miss Poland, Karolina Bielwaska and I stood at the end of the Sopot Pier in Poland awaiting the arrival of the 80 foot Double Happiness catamaran, we knew we were in for a treat when we saw its beautiful sleek grey frame gleaming and gliding on the Baltic coast. We were about to film the closing of our Poland episode for our world travel show Global Child “Travel with Purpose” which streams on Amazon Prime and major airlines. Sometimes, when you film a show you have to put on a show. You know what I mean? Sure, certain food might taste good but when you’re on camera… it tastes great! Best thing you’ve ever tasted! It’s the television exaggeration game. However, as I turned to look at Karolina, her mouth agape, I knew that we’d have to do no pretending here. This was the real deal. A true masterpiece of a vessel floating towards us. The moment felt special.

Slowly, as the Double Happiness made its way towards us, the people on the pier began to take note and they began to all stop what they were doing, simply to stare as the Sunreef Yachts Catamaran arrived into the port to pick us up. Kids stopped running around, ice creams melting as they stopped and watched. Couples stopped conversations to see this piece of art sail before them. Everyone noticed its arrival, in the same way that you cannot miss a sunrise if you’re out for an early morning swim. I felt goosebumps as Karolina giggled, hugged me and rushed to climb on board the vessel. Soon, our camera crew followed.

I’ve been on many yachts before, but what jumped out at me was the double hull and the space that this boat offered us in contrast to a single hull traditional yacht. It’s the difference between having a gorgeous large teak sole outer deck to enjoy versus a small balcony made of some lesser material… no contest there!

Karolina and I enjoyed the wonderful views as we sailed through the “Tri-city” area which is comprised of the three Polish cities of Sopot, Gdansk and Gdynia. We enjoyed a glass of champagne and we talked about how beautiful the north of Poland was and how we I never imagined that the Baltic Sea could be such a wonderful place to sail. I get a feeling that sailing is a three part proposition. A third of the joy comes from the landscape and natural surroundings you’re sailing in… another third is the vessel itself and the last but most crucial part is the state of your heart. Full of gratitude, I could tell Karolina and the team were enjoying this experience deeply and fully.

The captain gave us a tour of the inside which reminded me of a five star hotel, complete with the little details that make all the difference between a good and great hospitality experience, like the subtle ambience lighting. It also felt futuristic, but oddly, I felt at home. I  found myself lost in thought, visualizing myself, sleeping in that impeccable master room… waking up and gazing through the glass windows out toward dolphins leaping from waves winking at me and blessing me for my good fortune. After Karolina coughed a little to get my attention back to the real world, I smiled and we continued the tour.

We finished on the upper deck, unfurling the sail at the push of a button. Then, we turned the camera off and decided to enjoy the rest of the sunset. My camera crew, Karolina and I watched as the sun hid itself through a glowing cloak of orange clouds. We shared a bottle of wine and smiles thinking of how far we’d come together. There were no dolphins leaping at the moment, nor would I wake up in those luxurious rooms on that occasion, but I promised myself someday I would. Moments don’t have to last for days or even weeks to be etched in our hearts. That sunset, with those friends and Karolina, could only be described as a delightful double portion of double happiness. Never have I ever sailed on a boat that had a more appropriate name. Double Happiness; even as I type these words… I can’t help but remember, and smile.

You can follow Augusto’s adventures on social media @GlobalChildTV and watch Global Child on Amazon Prime Video.

Augusto Valverde

Augusto is a multifaceted Producer, Writer, Director and TV Host who created the world travel show Global Child “Travel with Purpose” on Amazon Prime Video, major airlines and international networks. They’ve filmed in over 25 countries partnering with the top brands in tourism like Dubai Tourism, Four Seasons and major influencers to give back through the best experiences.

Augusto is a published author, theologian and serves as a Christian Chaplain in Jail’s in the United States. He also He founded and leads the BIG Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit charity that has all major world religions working together to tangibly help people in need.

Connect with Global Child on Social Media: @globalchildtv

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