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Sunreef 62 Guapa

  • Sustainable
  • Innovative
  • Solar


Put to sea in 2007, the Sunreef 62 Guapa is a testament to innovative and highly personalized interior design. The exteriors of this luxury catamaran are marked by an exceptional color scheme, with numerous elements in stainless steel adding a touch of sophistication.

As per the owner’s desire, this sailing catamaran embraces an unconventional interior, featuring vibrant green, bold Wenge, and smooth Maplewood to create a distinctive visual identity. The saloon boasts a unique touch over its tables and counter tops, as well as bathroom sinks, finished in elegant green glass.

This catamaran is equipped with a top-quality Hi-Fi system from Bang & Olufsen, ensuring a premium audio experience. The attention to detail extends to custom-made bedclothes crafted from the finest materials, enhancing onboard luxury. Guapa features a chaise-longue between the cabins in the left hull, providing additional comfort and relaxation.

The cockpit is adorned with optical fibers lights, and for the first time, a platform on the stern has been installed, enhancing accessibility and functionality onboard the sailing catamaran. The flybridge pillars, made of stainless steel, incorporate special UV lights, contributing to a visually stunning atmosphere.

Further enhancing the outdoor experience, the cockpit teak tables feature wenge decoration, complemented by four submarine halogen lights, making Sunreef 62 Guapa a truly remarkable and stylish sailing catamaran.

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