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Step on board a self-sufficient solar-electric superyacht designed for cruising in complete harmony with the elements. Experience a new definition of living at sea: a vision based on technology, craftsmanship and responsibility. Celebrate the oceans. Sail in silence. Leave no trace. Discover the world’s most advanced eco-conscious luxury cruiser.


Avant-gardist green tech and high-performance sails provide the Sunreef 43M Eco infinite range for all-year exploration. With solar cells seamlessly integrated in her bodywork, mast and boom, this electric superyacht generates green energy for unlimited, emission-free motoring. While under sail, the 43M Eco keeps producing clean power, thanks her advanced hydro-generation system.


The aft of the Sunreef 43M Eco welcomes guests to a vast Ocean Lounge – a walkaround beach club merging the aft platform, skirts and two fold-down balconies into one large relaxation space. The fully customizable area can accommodate a massage room with ocean views, a bar for serving drinks between watersports activities or a fitness area. The yacht’s invisible aft garage conceals two large personal watercrafts, electric water toys and an inflatable catamaran.


The vast flybridge of the Sunreef 43M Eco is all about alfresco lounging with panoramic vistas high above the water. Dedicated to long sunning sessions, late night cocktails and lengthy dinners, the relaxation area features a large spa spool flanked by oversized sunpads, a drinks bar and outdoor movie theater.


The catamaran’s light-filled interiors follow every owner’s vision with custom-crafted furniture and bespoke decors using a fine selection of ethically sourced woods, natural fabrics and sustainable materials. Smart power and water management systems monitor and optimize energy consumption on board, day and night. Time for a conscious cruising experience. No noise. No vibrations. Zero emissions.

The Green Superyacht of the Future: Sunreef 43M Eco,The Green Superyacht of the Future: Sunreef 43M Eco,The Green Superyacht of the Future: Sunreef 43M Eco,The Green Superyacht of the Future: Sunreef 43M Eco
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