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Mike Horn’s “What’s Left” expedition, supported by Sunreef Yachts, explores remote locations aboard the refitted Pangaea vessel. Sunreef Yachts CEO Francis Lapp has joined the ongoing expedition in Greenland. The renowned explorer spearheads the mission, evaluating global environmental changes with a primary focus on climate change. The expedition aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire individuals worldwide to pursue their exploration aspirations.

“I decided to participate in this remarkable expedition with the dual purpose of being a part of the extraordinary exploration in the remote region of Greenland and personally assessing the current state of the planet. This experience has served as a profound motivation for me to continue to act for a sustainable future within the yachting industry.” Francis Lapp, CEO & Sunreef Yachts Founder

“Guiding my sailing vessel Pangaea, I return to iconic and wild locations to witness changes, fulfill more desires on my adventurer’s bucket list, and inspire people to act on their passions. At each destination, I prioritize Adventure and Environment, sharing stories and footage from my journey.” Mike Horn, Explorer.

Recently overhauled by Sunreef Yachts to address the wear from past adventures and equipped to face upcoming challenges, Pangaea serves as the home base for “What’s Left.” Named after the ancient supercontinent, Pangaea is a global gathering spot and a mobile platform for research, adventure, and meaningful experiences.

Greenland is one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth and a secluded, often overlooked part of the globe. Contrary to common belief, the Arctic is closely linked to the rest of the world, with global implications for its happenings. Greenland, therefore, emerges as the perfect starting point for this new adventure.

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