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Living more sustainably in all aspects no longer comes from a simple desire alone, but also from a real need to care for the environment. As a main component of the Earth’s ecosystem, the oceans and seas rely on us to take a more responsible approach to ensure their protection. In yachting, one way to preserve this valuable resource is to look at alternatives to traditional boats such as electric catamarans , which provide a fully sustainable cruising experience.

Electric catamarans provide silent, fume and wake-free cruising, with minimum impact to the environment. Sunreef Yachts Eco fully-electric multihulls feature advanced electric engines offering the best of autonomy and performance. Thanks to innovative propulsion system, yachts combine fuel savings, low-maintenance and ultra-silent operation in maximum comfort.

The revolutionary solar panel system on Sunreef Yachts Eco electric catamarans generates more power to operate the home appliances on board. Solar panels can be integrated with composite structures of the boat, such as hull sides, mast, boom and superstructure.

Sea of green solutions: Electric catamarans,Sea of green solutions: Electric catamarans,Sea of green solutions: Electric catamarans
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