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Sunreef Yachts donates a custom-engineered electric safari car to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT). The shipyard’s technical and R&D teams used their know-how of green technology to carry out and supervise this unique project in all its mechanical and electrical aspects.

With over 20 years of activity, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) is working to protect the legendary ecosystems and astounding biodiversity of East Africa through conservation efforts that directly benefit wildlife, wilderness and the local Maasai communities. The MWCT also promotes responsible tourism and education through cooperation with sustainable camps and lodges such as Campi Ya Kanzi and Chyulu Wilderness Camp. Sunreef Yachts donates a fully-electric safari car to support the trust’s quest for a more sustainable travel experience.

The MWCT brings a fantastic vision to life: working with the proud Maasai community to protect Kenya’s unique natural heritage and wildlife. The definition of responsible travel that the trust promotes is one of a kind and I feel Sunreef Yachts shares the same philosophy. The company’s leading position in sustainable yachting motivates us to share our knowledge and know-how with inspiring partners. The Sunreef Yachts Eco technology designed for yachts is now applied to an electric car. I am happy to witness this evolution and am confident it will lead to more exciting projects.

Francis Lapp

Sunreef Yachts Founder and President


Using the bodywork of an off-road classic, the mechanical and R&D teams at Sunreef Yachts worked on every aspect of the car combining their knowledge of green tech with Francis Lapp’s passion for motorsports. The shipyard’s Founder and President was directly involved in the project, sharing his expertise coming from numerous 4×4 races in which took part on board customized vehicles of his own design. The fully-electric car was equipped with a state-of-the art electric engine and a powerful battery bank. It was also fitted solar panels developed by the shipyard and featuring a new technology used only on Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans. The mechanical and electrical systems were specifically calibrated to respond to the needs of the eco luxury lodges working hand-in-hand with the MWCT.


The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust funds and operates a range of programs aimed at protecting wilderness and wildlife. These include lease payments for conservancies, carbon credits, wildlife monitoring and security, conservation and ecotourism employment.

Founded and led by Luca Belpietro, the MWCT relies on pioneering partnerships between professional conservationists, like US Board President Edward Norton, and dynamic Maasai leaders to show that the Maasai community can thrive, not just survive, by managing their ecosystem wisely.


Promoting responsible tourism and education through cooperation with sustainable camps and lodges such as Campi Ya Kanzi and Chyulu Wilderness Camp, the MWCT helps create an authentic and meaningful travel experience.

Campi ya Kanzi is an award-winning boutique eco-lodge in the Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya. It offers a unique luxury experience while using green technologies to make the least impact on the environment. Water comes from rain cropping, electricity from 72 photovoltaic panels, hot water from solar panels, food is cooked using an eco-friendly charcoal. But most importantly the lodge is a partnership with the local Maasai community.

In collaboration with Rosey Adventures, the Chyulu Wilderness Camp is dedicated to sharing an exceptional African experience which impacts positively on the local community and wildlife. The aim of the camp is two-fold: to transform agricultural lands into protected, thriving wetlands and through this, offer a life-changing experience to international students in one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

If you want to see more, get on board the fully-electric safari car with Sunreef Yachts Eco and watch a new video on our YouTube channel.

On board with the Maasai: Sunreef Yachts Eco goes to Africa,On board with the Maasai: Sunreef Yachts Eco goes to Africa,On board with the Maasai: Sunreef Yachts Eco goes to Africa
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