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In the past few years electric and hybrid propulsion have truly begun to resonate in the marine industry. Driven by an increasing number of eco-conscious yacht owners, yacht designers, and shipyards, hybrid yachts are entering the forefront of yachting.

Hybrid propulsion combines the best of two worlds, utilizing both diesel and electric power. Hybrid yachts are capable of operating in two modes, shifting between electric and diesel mode.

The electric mode in a hybrid propulsion system allows for smooth and silent running, emission-free at low speeds, while maintaining an excellent maneuverability. However the diesel mode with a traditional propulsion system can provide more power and, consequently enable further journeys to be made sooner.

The benefits of hybrid yachts are significant: not only do they reduce emissions, but they improve on performance, range and comfort on board as well as providing efficiency. Sunreef Yachts’ hybrid yachts offer a practical solution for both, the eco-friendly and adventure seeking owners.

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