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With the growing demand for sustainable yacht design solutions, is the increasing interest for glass fiber and polyester resin composite alternatives. Instead of being limited to traditional yacht builds, flax fiber yachts, as well as basalt fiber yachts are two eco-conscious options to consider.

Natural fiber composites are sourced and produced in environmentally friendly conditions, using fibers derived from renewable and carbon dioxide neutral resources. Flax fiber is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, obtained with a minimal CO2 footprint and used as the main component of solid composite. Both basalt and flax fiber offer huge energy savings in production and outperform glass fiber.

In an effort to introduce more green alternative boat building materials, Sunreef Yachts Eco is integrating flax and basalt-based composites into the yacht manufacturing process. It is just a matter of time when flax fiber yachts and basalt fiber yachts will emerge as the new standards in sustainable boat design.

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