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The trust that Sunreef Yachts enjoys today reflects all the effort that we have put into our product. It took years of hard work to get to a point, where our designs are becoming a reference and an inspiration. As more and more big multihull concepts emerge, we realize the impact that Sunreef Yachts has had not only on customer expectations but also on the yacht builders’ ideas and ambitions. In this industry, there is a distinct line between trendsetters and trend-followers. For us, leadership has always been a matter of thinking 5 moves ahead.



Sunreef Yachts started with bringing a new idea to life: the world’s first flybridge-equipped catamaran. From then, our quest for innovation never ceased. Creativity is a mindset inherent to Sunreef Yachts.



The relation that we have with our clients is unique. When you want to deliver a customized luxury yacht, getting to know the owners personally should be your priority. We are there for our clients every step of the way: when we design, when we build and when we deliver. We also help our clients enjoy the best of their ownership experience as we assist them with yacht management, charter management and technical support.



We are the only shipyard in the world to combine superyacht quality and multihull design. Our yachts are different from the catamarans you see on the market. In the world of multihull boats, Sunreef Yachts are an exception. They are also gaining ground on the monohull-dominated superyacht scene, because today, more and more owners realize that catamarans make fantastic luxury yachts.



Every stage of the design and build process happens in our facility. Our team has complete control over every project as we don’t outsource any work. When we receive a request for an original design, we are able to react quickly and come up with a customized solution. Designing and building in-house also brings a significant advantage in terms of quality. All of our departments are in permanent contact. Sunreef Yachts’ engineers, craftsmen and designers are in sync with each other. To build good boats also means to build mutual trust and understanding within your team.



Our vision of sustainable yachts goes far beyond electric propulsion. When we launched the Sunreef Yachts Eco range, we took the time to reassess every aspect of our product. We now have a full range of yachts with green tech features including a solar power system fully integrated with the yacht’s structure and solutions for a more efficient water and energy management on board. The same philosophy applies to yacht décor as we have use a wide selection of responsibly-sourced and recycled materials.

5 Moves Ahead: Multihull Leadership with Francis Lapp,5 Moves Ahead: Multihull Leadership with Francis Lapp,5 Moves Ahead: Multihull Leadership with Francis Lapp
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