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Livable and luxe? When building a custom boat with kids in the mix, flexibility and practicality are key. But there is no need to compromise on luxury style or amenities when designing a family-friendly yacht. A clever use of space and durable finishes and materials go a long way.

Family-Friendly Yacht

Custom Yacht Layouts and Cabin Arrangements

Many yacht owners appreciate privacy and for those looking to create a living arrangement in which the children’s quarters are separate from the parent’s or the owner’s family quarters are situated separately from the guest quarters, the standard catamaran configuration offers a clear advantage over monohulls. Affording maximum privacy, cabins are divided between the two hulls, with the salon between, and separated further in the aft and fore sections of each hull. This can be made more private by adding an automatic companionway, a winning feature especially for parents with young kids that wish to minimize distractions during study time or night time by buffering the noise between the children’s quarters and main living area.

Another consideration in the layout is whether to have the galley configured up together with the salon or below with the sleeping quarters. While some families may enjoy entertaining with an oversight of cooking or to the opportunity to personally cook while keeping an eye on the children, others may prefer the galley down arrangement in which the staff can prepare meals without distracting family and friends in the salon.

Stylish & Kid-Proof Living Areas

With many moments being spent in the salon with friends and family, a prime importance is often placed on designing a space that is both stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain. While it can be a concern, fine finishes, upscale furnishings and exceptional details do not need to be sacrificed for a family-friendly yacht’s design. Durable materials for the floors, walls and counters along with performance fabrics can combine to create a beautifully-appointed custom yacht. It is also helpful to select surfaces that can be wiped down easily and that do not stain.

Family-Friendly Yacht

A Space of Their Own – Custom Children’s Cabins

When it comes to designing children’s cabins, the creative possibilities are endless, but it is important to make these spaces as functional as they are inviting. So in addition to reflecting the individual personality of the child, by incorporating thoughtful storage solutions, a room can be kept organized and clutter free. With a team that has mastered the art of utilizing every inch of space in the yacht, there are plenty of options to consider. From built-in desks, shelving, cabinets, and drawers, messy items can easily be stowed away while cherished ones can be on display. Convertible beds, which can fold up during the day and make room for a study spot can also be a great idea.

Space for Fun

One of the most appreciated features of a Sunreef catamaran is the abundance of space. Living areas, both inside and out, are spacious and offer plenty of room for fun elements that both parents and kids can enjoy. For lounging, comfy and colorful poufs can be the perfect accent to an area. And if your design aesthetic swings in a more playful direction, hanging hammock chairs are the way to go. On our sailing catamarans, nothing compares to the trampolines – always a favorite of kids. And with lots of room to accommodate water toys like sea bobs, jet skis, wakeboards and inflatables, rest assured the kids will never be bored on board.

Family-Friendly Yacht

Connected at All Times

Kids are tech-savvy and with their extensive use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and video game consoles, lies the need to supply power consistently and conveniently. Rather than attempting to organize cables and find a free electrical outlet, the mess can be kept out of sight by incorporating wireless charging stations into the countertops, cabinets and nightstands. Let us not forget the importance of a strong WiFi and satellite system to handle all of the bandwidth for streaming videos, playing games, and staying connected with friends online.

A Kid-Friendly Vision Brought to Life

Throughout the years, Sunreef Yachts has worked with many families to build their dream yachts, all with very different lifestyle needs and design preferences. Early in the process it is a matter of determining the number of cabins needed and selecting a suitable layout. From there the in-house design and build teams delve deep to grasp a firm understanding of family dynamics and individual requirements. The end result is a home at sea perfectly fitted for family!

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