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  • Unsinkable structure
  • No-heel environment, smooth cruising
  • Inherent stability
  • Easy operation and sail handling
  • Safer for navigation with children on board
  • Easier access from water
  • Duplicate systems for maximimum reliability
  • More vulnerable hull type
  • Roll motion (seasickness, injury risk, fatigue)
  • Often requires stabilizers
  • More experience required
  • Less family-friendly than a catamaran
  • Less stable, no transom steps
  • Less redundancy, risk of single point failure


  • Access to the best anchorages
  • A more dynamic motion
  • More fuel efficiency
  • A better hull type for electric propulsion
  • More space for wind generators and solar panels
  • Limited access to shallow areas
  • More hull friction than a catamaran
  • More drag, increased fuel consumption
  • Less efficient with electric engines
  • Limited space to accommodate eco modifications


  • More beam: can double the space of a monohull the same length
  • 360° degree views on main deck
  • More privacy
  • More options for customized layouts
  • More comfort at anchor
  • More comfort underway
  • Vast aft cockpit, flybridge and foredeck
  • Narrow, less open living spaces
  • Less main deck visibility
  • Cabins closer to one another
  • Less flexibility in arrangements
  • Tendency to roll
  • More beam-to-beam motion
  • Narrow outdoor living spaces
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