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On Friday of the February 24th it was a pleasure to launch another Sunreef 62. Of the Sunreef 62 range, this is the most luxurious catamaran of this type build so far in Sunreef Yachts shipyard. This Sunreef 62 is stunningly appointed, having been build specifically to the owner’s requirements.

This Sunreef 62 is an owner version, where the entire starboard hull is dedicated to the owner’s cabin, study, luxurious bathroom and laundry. The entire bridgedeck features a gourmet kitchen, luxurious dining/coffee area and navigation station. The port hull is dedicated to two double cabins with un-suite bathrooms, a separate visitor’s bathroom, and a workshop/spares section. This Sunreef 62 is the first version to feature a composite bimini fitted to the fly-bridge. The bimini has a sliding plexiglas roof section with the sides and front having clear roll up covers for weather protection.

This catamaran will shortly undertake sea trials in the Baltic Sea and will ultimately make its way to the Mediterranean Sea for this coming summer.

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